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What Not to do With Social Media

Social media has become an incredibly effective tool in a brand marketer’s toolbox. But if managed poorly, a social media presence can be as harmful as it is helpful for a brand’s identity. Here are several common mistakes in managing a social media marketing strategy and what you should do instead that Danielle Winski describes [...]

What Not to do With Social Media2021-10-14T19:44:04-07:00

How Important is Fake News?

    The focus on fake news’ impact almost exclusively on politics might lead some to disregard it as irrelevant. But recent events are revealing that fake news can be weaponized against far more than politics—a new analysis of social media criticism of Star Wars: The Last Jedi found that more than half of negative [...]

How Important is Fake News?2021-10-14T20:25:14-07:00

Ten Tools to Help You Become an Informed Voter

The 2018 midterm elections are now right around the corner—only five days remain before the polls open on November 6. And no matter your age, race, gender, or political affiliation, everyone is encouraged to go and vote and fulfill your civic obligation as a citizen. But if you want to vote for the representatives and [...]

Ten Tools to Help You Become an Informed Voter2021-08-06T14:55:27-07:00

CAPP Publishes Recommendations for Telehealth

    The Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP), a coalition of multi-specialty medical groups and health systems across the United States, is a firm advocate of using telehealth to improve the healthcare delivery process. Recently, they released a new white paper titled “A Roadmap to Telehealth Adoption: From Vision to Business Model” which highlights [...]

CAPP Publishes Recommendations for Telehealth2018-10-12T16:17:05-07:00

Reclaiming Your Organic Reach on Facebook in Four Easy Steps

    Facebook’s recent changes to its news feed has resulted in increasing numbers of users noticing a decline in their organic reach. In fact Adam Mosseri, vice president of product management at Facebook, noted that it began to “shift ranking to make the news feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming [...]

Reclaiming Your Organic Reach on Facebook in Four Easy Steps2021-10-14T20:08:25-07:00

The Seismic Change in Workers’ Compensation PR

One of the benefits of going to a conference year after year is the chance to observe industry trends over time. The conglomeration of business in one place, the exhibit floor chatter, the sessions and workshops, blend together into themes and patterns showing where a sector is headed. After attending 20-plus RIMS (Risk and Insurance [...]

The Seismic Change in Workers’ Compensation PR2021-10-14T19:56:39-07:00

Journalists’ Conference Infuses Enthusiasm Into Our Work

  For the last four years, Scott PR has been privileged to attend the annual Association of Health Care Journalists’ (AHCJ) conference with our non-profit clients. The experience of seeing journalists face to face, talking about their interests, and attending some fantastic workshops looking behind the scenes at the health care headlines provides a great [...]

Journalists’ Conference Infuses Enthusiasm Into Our Work2021-10-14T20:21:12-07:00

The Future of Ethical PR

The 2018 Global Communications Report, “The Evolution of Ethics,” released by USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, surveyed public relations students and professionals worldwide about the role of ethics in public relations (PR). It reveals interesting insights about the current PR landscape and how ethics will impact the future of the industry. The survey [...]

The Future of Ethical PR2021-10-14T20:02:25-07:00

Don’t Think of an Elephant–The Value of Framing in Communications

We have long prized the power of language as a tool in rhetoric, argument, and persuasion. But new developments in cognitive science have shown that our brains may not be as openly receptive to information as we’ve always thought. The neuroscientist George Lakoff explained what we know about cognitive structures and their effect on our [...]

Don’t Think of an Elephant–The Value of Framing in Communications2021-10-14T20:34:19-07:00

The Accelerator Companies Guide to PR

Startup accelerators and incubators cover an array of industries including biotech, consumer products, healthcare, and medical technology to name a few. Every year, entrepreneurs apply and wait in anticipation to be accepted so they can receive funding, mentoring, and support for their new products, services or platforms. In fact, since 2005, the number of accelerators [...]

The Accelerator Companies Guide to PR2018-08-22T16:29:48-07:00
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