Some Thoughts on Trust

Who can you trust today? And just as importantly, who do your constituents and customers trust? According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, it isn’t government, media or even nonprofits. Barely more than half of respondents trust those sources. The most trusted sources, rather surprisingly, tend to be business leaders – especially their own employer. My colleague [...]

Some Thoughts on Trust2021-08-06T15:01:08-07:00

A New Take on Free Speech, Part 2

Are Confederate statues anti-American? Citing them as symbols of racism and white supremacy, figures of Confederate heroes are coming down around the South. The Pentagon effectively banned the Confederate flag. Some consider these actions important steps to take to counter this nation’s history of persecution of non-white Americans. As symbols of a regime that upheld slavery, they [...]

A New Take on Free Speech, Part 22021-01-20T17:08:50-08:00

A New Take on Free Speech, Part 1

In previous blogs, we have looked at what might be considered a shocking suggestion: let’s re-evaluate what free speech really means. Here’s two good reasons backing that recommendation. If social media steps forward to police content on the basis of veracity, the area most likely to be attacked first is misinformation about the current pandemic. [...]

A New Take on Free Speech, Part 12021-01-20T17:07:22-08:00

Winning the Disinformation Wars

As communicators, we’ve all seen wonderful causes fail to make an impact, sway minds and prompt action. For example: The legislative program that saves lives but can’t get that important point across because the explanation is lost in “wonkspeak” The honorable company that chooses not to respond to untrue allegations because they don’t want to [...]

Winning the Disinformation Wars2021-01-20T17:04:33-08:00

Mark Zuckerberg, Wake Up!

Facebook’s refusal to label or prohibit Donald Trump’s posts promoting police violence, in contrast with its own policies and legal guidance prohibiting speech that incites violence, is prompting massive protests from its employees, the media and social media. Twitter’s action to label his tweets as having questionable (or no) facts about mail order ballots contributing [...]

Mark Zuckerberg, Wake Up!2021-07-16T15:52:49-07:00

Pandemic Spotlights the Importance of the Social Safety Net

In recent years, health care experts are paying increasing attention to the health care factors that occur outside the doctor’s office, Referred to as “the social determinants of health,” these factors include access to healthy food, safe housing, transportation, supportive families and social networks. With current “shelter in place” guidelines in effect, imagine the situation [...]

Pandemic Spotlights the Importance of the Social Safety Net2020-11-11T19:48:17-08:00

Homebound? Turn Your Kids into Smart Voters

Are you home with kids and running out of things to do? Here’s a challenge – turn your stay-at-home doldrums into an interactive civics lesson and lively debates that will inspire your children – and you – to become active, engaged citizens. Why is this important? According to a just released study by the Knight [...]

Homebound? Turn Your Kids into Smart Voters2021-01-20T16:46:52-08:00

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Income Inequality

The growing wealth gap among citizens is a major public policy concern for the United States. Income inequality has very real consequences for the people at the lower end of the gap, but it doesn’t stop there. As the divide in wealth continues to grow, it will have a negative impact on other public policy [...]

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Income Inequality2021-01-20T16:41:18-08:00

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Climate Change

There has never been a brighter spotlight on the subject of climate change, and the threat it poses to the world. Yet as more and more people are educated about what this will do to our weather, storms, agriculture, and even national security, the consequences on one other aspect of life must not be overlooked: [...]

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Climate Change2021-01-20T16:44:14-08:00

How to Plan for the Best PR Campaign—And Be Prepared for the Worst

A public relations campaign is a mammoth task that is impossible to get perfectly right. It requires tremendous effort in planning, creativity, and execution, and even then your efforts are always subject to events. But there are several things that can be done while planning which will help prepare you for the unexpected. Here are [...]

How to Plan for the Best PR Campaign—And Be Prepared for the Worst2021-10-14T20:23:18-07:00
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