Technology Public Relations Results

From the first capitation software program to connecting medical devices in hospitals across the globe, Scott Public Relations partners with technology innovators to introduce new products and services and bring their inventors to market leadership.

Technology Public Relations Clients

Testimonials from Technology Clients

“We were defining a new space in the insurance and technology industry. We have been very pleased with Scott Public Relations’ ability to get us the media attention, coverage and exposure to support our rapid growth goals, and to use their contacts to help us network. We’ve tracked an average of three unsolicited leads a week from media coverage.”

Mark Achler, Former CEO, Rightfield Solutions

“We expanded the role of Scott Public Relations in our rapidly growing, publicly held technology company because they consistently delivered more value than much larger agencies. The focused attention of the principal on our account and the team’s knowledge of our industry and our verticals was the winning formula for our media relations programs.”

Jane Leonard, Former Sr. Vice President, Corporate Communications, HNC Software

“Enthusiasm, energy and results. In the several years I have worked with Public Relations, that is what I received every day. Joy and her team are thoroughly professional and deeply committed to getting results.”

Brian Teeter, Former Marketing Manager, Fair Isaac (Formerly HNC Software, Inc.)
“SPR does what it says, whatever it is, they are on it.”
Scott Sheppard, WebVMC Virtual Medical Care
“In just a few months we experienced some excellent attention and key interviews with major news organizations and industry leading publications. I am extremely impressed with Scott Public Relations’ ability to quickly understand how our services need to be positioned.”
Rick Shaw, President, Awareity (Formerly CorpNet Security)
“Scott Public Relations is a full member of our team; a true partner sincerely committed to our success.”
Stephen Holcomb, Founder, President & CEO, Full Capture Solutions, Inc.
“I found Scott Public Relations to be extremely results oriented. They delivered measurable results quarter after quarter. The coverage they obtained delivered our message in a credible way to the senior decision makers in our market.”
Sean Downs, Former Senior Vice President, Fair Isaac