Scott Public Relations, based in Los Angeles, California, specializes in healthcare, technology and insurance public relations and marketing. We have extensive experience working not only with major brands and firms but also with emerging companies with brilliant, game-changing ideas, products and services. We will put our expertise and insight to use to get your brand the attention you deserve. Below is a list of current SPR services.

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“SPR helped our company to develop an effective, highly targeted and engaging PR campaign that has helped us to grow into one of the largest and most respected companies in our industry. Their professionalism, ideas and dedication to our company has played an important role in our growth and success.”

Wayne Lipton, Founder and Managing Partner, Concierge Choice Physicians

“Our company originally selected Joy Scott as our public relations consultant based on her knowledge of managed care and health care, and her experience with the media in those sectors. Our relationship is now in its third decade. Her role has extended beyond media relations to include member and marketing communications, member surveys, and designing messaging and strategies for new market challenges. We truly see Joy and her agency as members of the PTPN team.”

Michael Weinper, MPH, PT, President/CEO, PTPN

“Joy and her team have impressed me with the effort they have put forth to understand our business, products and the markets we serve. Our business is complex and the products can be very technical. We feel that Scott Public Relations is a full member of our team; a true partner sincerely committed to our success.”

Stephen Holcomb, Founder, President & CEO, Full Capture Solutions, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Joy for 15 years on several early stage start-up healthcare companies. Joy did an amazing job promoting and introducing these companies to the market and her PR was a key factor in positioning them as national players. Joy’s team of experienced communication professionals is the best in the industry. I have been continuously impressed with their knowledge of healthcare, passion for their clients, and commitment to these companies’ success. They know the markets, the media, the technology and the trends. The staff is responsive and creative. Their approach is that they are our partners.”

Bill Behnke, The Behnke Group (Three-time SPR client)
“I worked with Scott Public Relations to create and implement an ongoing integrated public relations strategy which was, in all ways, a smashing success. Joy and her staff were as passionate about the success of the company as I am.”
Deborah Dominguez, Director of Marketing, Prescription Solutions
“We chose Scott Public Relations because of their experience and knowledge of the health care and managed care sectors. During the last five years, their expertise has not only produced coverage in our target media we need to build awareness and credibility for our company, but the SPR team has supported our direct mail efforts and trade show marketing as well. They’re always available, accessible, and responsive.”
Michael Alper, Meridian Health Care Management

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