Pandemic Spotlights the Importance of the Social Safety Net

In recent years, health care experts are paying increasing attention to the health care factors that occur outside the doctor’s office, Referred to as “the social determinants of health,” these factors include access to healthy food, safe housing, transportation, supportive families and social networks. With current “shelter in place” guidelines in effect, imagine the situation [...]

Pandemic Spotlights the Importance of the Social Safety Net2020-06-05T12:03:22-07:00

Homebound? Turn Your Kids into Smart Voters

Are you home with kids and running out of things to do? Here’s a challenge – turn your stay-at-home doldrums into an interactive civics lesson and lively debates that will inspire your children – and you – to become active, engaged citizens. Why is this important? According to a just released study by the Knight [...]

Homebound? Turn Your Kids into Smart Voters2020-04-23T12:52:43-07:00

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Income Inequality

The growing wealth gap among citizens is a major public policy concern for the United States. Income inequality has very real consequences for the people at the lower end of the gap, but it doesn’t stop there. As the divide in wealth continues to grow, it will have a negative impact on other public policy [...]

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Income Inequality2020-04-23T12:55:13-07:00

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Climate Change

There has never been a brighter spotlight on the subject of climate change, and the threat it poses to the world. Yet as more and more people are educated about what this will do to our weather, storms, agriculture, and even national security, the consequences on one other aspect of life must not be overlooked: [...]

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Climate Change2020-04-23T12:58:05-07:00

Advancing Healthcare’s Abilities: ABS Virtual Office

Technology is rapidly changing the nature of healthcare: its capability, delivery, and efficiency. Healthcare organizations are constantly coming up with new innovations to improve the abilities of physicians and the outcomes of care, particularly in fields that present more challenges. One of the latest advances, the ABS Virtual Office from Alternative Behavior Strategies (ABS), is [...]

Advancing Healthcare’s Abilities: ABS Virtual Office2020-02-19T08:32:57-08:00

What Makes News ‘News’

Journalists have long been the “gatekeepers” of news and information in society. Today, tools such as the Internet and social media have given millions more people the power of mass communication, and reduced the influence of professional journalists to set the agenda. But even facing an intense increase in competition, reporters still rely on and [...]

What Makes News ‘News’2020-03-21T10:12:42-07:00

The Misinformation Age: Misinformation, Lies, and Communications

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” This famous quote, often attributed (rightly or wrongly) to Mark Twain, illustrates a human susceptibility to sensationalism and speculation over researched fact. In a digital age increasingly free of traditional informational gatekeepers, it often seems as if lies [...]

The Misinformation Age: Misinformation, Lies, and Communications2019-10-28T16:43:55-07:00

The Real Value of Virtual Reality for Healthcare PR

Technology has constantly altered how we communicate since the beginning of civilization. From the advent of writing, to the printing press, to the discovery of radio waves and TV broadcasting, new inventions have changed how well we can communicate and how we perceive these messages. At the recent annual meeting of communicators from PR Boutiques [...]

The Real Value of Virtual Reality for Healthcare PR2019-11-22T19:32:00-08:00

Resilient Power in Home Healthcare

The changing climate and resultant increase in natural disaster events is driving home how crucial energy is for healthcare. Hospitals and physicians’ offices face obvious problems when intense heat or storms knock the power out, but there are less obvious victims in those who are switching to home healthcare. A recent report from Scott PR’s [...]

Resilient Power in Home Healthcare2019-09-11T21:35:29-07:00

Avoid Alienating Your Audience

  Of course we measure the positive results of our content programs. But it’s also important to know when your work is counterproductive, when it is alienating your target audience. To find out if your audience dislikes your activity, consider these recommendations in “7 signs your audience hates your engagement strategy.” Any brand, no matter [...]

Avoid Alienating Your Audience2019-09-11T21:27:43-07:00