Alternative Behavior Strategies

Technology is rapidly changing the nature of healthcare: its capability, delivery, and efficiency. Healthcare organizations are constantly coming up with new innovations to improve the abilities of physicians and the outcomes of care, particularly in fields that present more challenges. One of the latest advances, the ABS Virtual Office from Alternative Behavior Strategies (ABS), is a prime example of how healthcare integration is creating a better system for all involved.

As a provider of services to children with autism spectrum disorders, ABS employees spend much of their time in the field performing therapy services. Their level of fieldwork providing therapy to patients with special needs means it is imperative they have the knowledge required to perform the proper treatments. In order to help equip their therapists with the information they need, ABS developed the ABS Virtual Office, a smartphone-based program that connects in real-time with the electronic health records within the company.

The Virtual Office is the first platform of its kind, one of the latest examples of healthcare integration enabled by technology. It provides access not only to the documented knowledge within ABS, but also a live connection with hundreds of other ABS therapists as well. From the palm of their hand, a therapist can look up what they need to know from wherever they happen to be.

The program comes equipped with a chat system to share ideas and questions among employees and receive immediate clinical input. Central Reach provides access to the necessary electronic medical records, while Company and Industry News connects to HR and community event information. Access to the platform for both clinical and non-clinical staff means employees can access any and all kinds of support needed.

ABS’ Virtual Office is only one of the several innovations the company has developed to improve its capabilities to deliver medical services to its patients. More and more healthcare organizations are searching for innovative ways to do the same. By integrating the differing stages of service, care providers can improve the speed at which they can help patients, the number of ways they can help, and the quality of the services given. These technological advances will help physicians in all fields cope with the increasing health demands they are confronted with—and the endgame is better health outcomes for patients and physicians alike.

You can learn more about ABS’ Virtual Office platform, and the other innovative approaches they are developing to improve care for autism patients, here.

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