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Keeping Up With Your Content

Sometimes, it's hard to see that the effort of content creation is worth it. Even with a defined brand, a content strategy, and regular metrics reporting, it can be difficult to recognize real value in this work. In order to find that sense of achievement, it may take a change in perspective to reevaluate and [...]

Keeping Up With Your Content2019-07-12T10:24:03-07:00

This Is Our Lane: Why Gun Control is a Health Issue

Father-daughter time: That’s what my husband and daughter shared during an evening at a country Western bar, enjoying one of their favorite bands. Two weeks later, a disturbed veteran stormed the same venue, blasting employees and dancers with a semi-automatic pistol, before killing himself. Thirteen people were killed, and another twelve were injured. It was [...]

This Is Our Lane: Why Gun Control is a Health Issue2019-05-13T10:14:36-07:00

Building Your Brand for Public Relations

Whether you are an individual or represent a company, branding is an important aspect of how you can succeed with your public relations. An effective brand expresses your personality, tells your story, and highlights the subjects that you want to address. With a wealth of data about people and groups already out there in the [...]

Building Your Brand for Public Relations2019-05-13T08:32:16-07:00

Mitigating Adverse Childhood Events

The pre-schoolers seem to get smaller and cuter every year, their faces glowing, and eyes wide gazing at the strangers who have come to hear them sing. The middle-schoolers look and act even more mature than last year. Every grade is smartly dressed in school uniforms, organized, and obedient to their teachers’ whispered promptings. The Christmas [...]

Mitigating Adverse Childhood Events2019-05-28T17:04:33-07:00

Being a Successful Communicator For Your Team

Communications is an essential part of just about any professional team or business. But how does a communicator ensure they are giving their colleagues the best benefit of their work that they can? Ragan’s singled out important roles a communicator should play in their article “5 things communicators must do to succeed.” Communicators play a [...]

Being a Successful Communicator For Your Team2019-02-13T09:37:10-07:00

Proving Your Success in Public Relations

Public relations has always been a bit of a murky field when it comes to measuring success. But that is changing in the modern era of digital PR. Technology is giving us ways to track the success—or failure—of campaigns and activities like never before. Yet there is a danger of getting lost in the noise [...]

Proving Your Success in Public Relations2019-02-13T09:34:58-07:00

How to Plan for the Best PR Campaign—And Be Prepared for the Worst

A public relations campaign is a mammoth task that is impossible to get perfectly right. It requires tremendous effort in planning, creativity, and execution, and even then your efforts are always subject to events. But there are several things that can be done while planning which will help prepare you for the unexpected. Here are [...]

How to Plan for the Best PR Campaign—And Be Prepared for the Worst2019-02-14T10:02:53-07:00

What Not to do With Social Media

Social media has become an incredibly effective tool in a brand marketer’s toolbox. But if managed poorly, a social media presence can be as harmful as it is helpful for a brand’s identity. Here are several common mistakes in managing a social media marketing strategy and what you should do instead that Danielle Winski describes [...]

What Not to do With Social Media2018-11-30T09:12:31-07:00

How Important is Fake News?

    The focus on fake news’ impact almost exclusively on politics might lead some to disregard it as irrelevant. But recent events are revealing that fake news can be weaponized against far more than politics—a new analysis of social media criticism of Star Wars: The Last Jedi found that more than half of negative [...]

How Important is Fake News?2019-02-14T09:59:26-07:00

Ten Tools to Help You Become an Informed Voter

The 2018 midterm elections are now right around the corner—only five days remain before the polls open on November 6. And no matter your age, race, gender, or political affiliation, everyone is encouraged to go and vote and fulfill your civic obligation as a citizen. But if you want to vote for the representatives and [...]

Ten Tools to Help You Become an Informed Voter2018-10-31T17:24:14-07:00