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Journalists’ Conference Infuses Enthusiasm Into Our Work

  For the last four years, Scott PR has been privileged to attend the annual Association of Health Care Journalists’ (AHCJ) conference with our non-profit clients. The experience of seeing journalists face to face, talking about their interests, and attending some fantastic workshops looking behind the scenes at the health care headlines provides a great [...]

Journalists’ Conference Infuses Enthusiasm Into Our Work2018-08-15T00:34:41-07:00

The Future of Ethical PR

The 2018 Global Communications Report, “The Evolution of Ethics,” released by USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, surveyed public relations students and professionals worldwide about the role of ethics in public relations (PR). It reveals interesting insights about the current PR landscape and how ethics will impact the future of the industry. The survey [...]

The Future of Ethical PR2018-07-26T00:34:33-07:00

Don’t Think of an Elephant–The Value of Framing in Communications

We have long prized the power of language as a tool in rhetoric, argument, and persuasion. But new developments in cognitive science have shown that our brains may not be as openly receptive to information as we’ve always thought. The neuroscientist George Lakoff explained what we know about cognitive structures and their effect on our [...]

Don’t Think of an Elephant–The Value of Framing in Communications2018-11-08T21:02:55-07:00

The Accelerator Companies Guide to PR

Startup accelerators and incubators cover an array of industries including biotech, consumer products, healthcare, and medical technology to name a few. Every year, entrepreneurs apply and wait in anticipation to be accepted so they can receive funding, mentoring, and support for their new products, services or platforms. In fact, since 2005, the number of accelerators [...]

The Accelerator Companies Guide to PR2018-08-22T16:29:48-07:00

Why Values Must Be Considered for Effective Communication

Attendance at a Town Hall presented by the local congressional representative and the government shutdown,  prompted thoughts on just how people at such opposite ends of the political spectrum can effectively communicate. Granted, ideology and underlying beliefs seem to be more polarized than ever. Yet, we have to find common ground. This led to the [...]

Why Values Must Be Considered for Effective Communication2018-02-02T15:32:52-07:00

What Are People Reading? The Five Top Einsight Blogs for 2017

2017 was a full year by any standard, and it’s no different for Scott Public Relations. From healthcare, to technology, to communications, SPR’s Einsight blog touched on a number of subjects and addressed several significant events that arose throughout the year. Now that 2018 has arrived, it’s time to take a look back at some [...]

What Are People Reading? The Five Top Einsight Blogs for 20172018-01-16T15:25:22-07:00

Why You Need a Powerful Story to Tell

Ben is two years old. Ben is dying. His father shares with you – speaking directly to the camera – his hopes and fears for his small son, his passion to protect him, his moments of joy as a father, knowing they are temporary. But he’s determined to live in these brief happy moments, for [...]

Why You Need a Powerful Story to Tell2018-01-12T15:53:37-07:00

Fighting Cancer with Care Coordination

This is the final part in a three-part series about the Council of Accountable Physician Practices’ (CAPP) white paper, “The State of Cancer Care in America.” You can find the previous two installments here and here. Many healthcare experts agree that care coordination is the key to reducing disparities in cancer care, but obstacles to [...]

Fighting Cancer with Care Coordination2018-11-08T21:08:05-07:00

Scott Public Relations’ Wishes for Healthcare in 2018

Dear Santa, We know that you’re a busy man, especially this time of year, but since you are in the business of making dreams come true, we put together a wish list of our hopes for healthcare in 2018.  We’ve all been good, so you should find us right near the top of your “nice” [...]

Scott Public Relations’ Wishes for Healthcare in 20182017-12-20T10:25:28-07:00

Digital Comes to Workers’ Compensation

If there’s one overarching message from attending the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference, it’s this: cutting edge technology is transforming the industry. Workers’ compensation, much like the larger healthcare sector, has long struggled with fragmentation, disconnected care, claims going off-track, and excessive litigation. The times are a-changing, based on what we saw at this [...]

Digital Comes to Workers’ Compensation2018-10-12T16:21:18-07:00