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Sometimes, it’s hard to see that the effort of content creation is worth it. Even with a defined brand, a content strategy, and regular metrics reporting, it can be difficult to recognize real value in this work. In order to find that sense of achievement, it may take a change in perspective to reevaluate and reengage yourself and your team. These challenges from “3 approaches to revamping your content strategy” can help set new expectations and reset your approach to your content strategy and marketing.

Reverse the standard view of your story you want to tell, and begin with the audience. Identify the people you want to reach, and then flip your story to look at it from their perspective. Pick the best messages to connect with them and remove your organization or service to focus in on what meets the audience’s needs. Develop and emphatic connection with your audience, and you will be able to understand what they want, what they need, and what they feel. That sort of perspective can help cut through the clutter of thousands of pieces of content bombarding them every day.

Move beyond the normal regimentation of tasks between departments, and create an integrated approach to your media, content, and editorial outreach. Combine your content strategy with your social media calendar, and set your media relations outreach to match. Bringing these elements together can reveal new opportunities to place and distribute content.

Set expectations for the team that match the work that went into creating the tools at your disposal. Raise the bar for production beyond writing, and take advantage of new types of media available in the digital age. Fold animations, gifs, audio, and video into your content and marketing strategies, and use the Internet to see how others might be doing the same. Define your content strategy and bring your content and story work together with your public relations to build the audience you identified around the story and content you have created.

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