The arrival of ridesharing technologies is revolutionizing Americans’ relationship to automobile transportation. Seamless access through smartphone apps is leading more people to view transportation as a service to be provided. As these apps and services proliferate, other industries are turning their attention to the effect this change will have on the way their own systems and operations work. Joseph McCullough, SVP of Transport and Language with One Call Care Management, will share his analysis of the ways ridesharing technology is already impacting the workers’ compensation industry at the RIMS Annual Conference next Monday in Philadelphia, PA.

The same apps and technology that young adults use to get to concerts and sports games can also be used by injured workers in their recovery processes. Most notably, the ease of access in ridesharing could dramatically affect the 3.6 million people who miss medical appointments each year because of issues with transportation. A missed appointment is bad enough, but the increasing number of people suffering from chronic conditions that need regular attention means that a missed appointment could spell disaster for an entire recovery regimen.

Ridesharing tech could make it easier for millions to get the quality care that they require and stave off incredibly expensive costs incurred by disruptions to treatment plans and setbacks in recovery processes. New potentials in transparency through real-time tracking of trip statuses and improvements in estimated arrival and pickup times may even mean that improvements in long-standing transportation issues for the health care industry at large could be coming soon through ridesharing technology.

During his RIMS session, Joseph will lay out the potential risks and benefits involved with ridesharing technology for organizations as well as injured workers. He will share insights from a pilot program with Lyft in which the partnership enabled injured workers to make their appointments on time, reducing wait times, costs, and improving safety for those being transported.

In his more than ten years of experience in healthcare leadership, Joseph served as Chief Executive Officer with ZoneCare USA and Select MRI. During his time with One Call Care Management he has led the Transport and Language business to growth from $20 million revenue to $135 million, successfully combining six acquisitions into a tech-based efficient business model.

Discover the risks and rewards that ridesharing technology has for workers’ compensation at the upcoming RIMS session, taking place on April 24 at 3pm.

Learn more about the session here: A New Risk Equation: Ridesharing + Technology = Transformation in Transportation

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