In our previous blogs highlighting influencer marketing, we outlined several recommendations, tactics and methods for establishing your healthcare organization and/or healthcare executive as an influencer. In order to break through the barrier that is the media today, and become recognized as a thought leader/influencer, we need to examine how the media landscape has changed over time.

What’s the current situation with the media today? First and foremost, there are fewer media outlets as well as fewer media staff today, which means fewer opportunities for original stories. This implicitly means that you have a smaller chance of “breaking through” the barrier and getting a story placed. Also a big factor in today’s media environment is the fact that news cycles are 24/7, so reporters want original information for their stories.

A lot of reporters respond to company information and news releases as “this is marketing – not news.” While they may in fact be right technically, there is a way to spin it to your advantage, you just have to have the ability to create compelling messaging that will grab a reporter’s attention. News releases are not “news” – everyone sees them online now. However, they hold tremendous value in gaining widespread leadership and helping with SEO efforts.

What does this mean?

  • Fewer opportunities for expert commentary.
  • More opportunities for bylined articles.
  • Top tier media gets ideas from trade media and social media.
  • Reporters do their own research to find sources, going online to spot/discover experts.
  • Reporters now request: new/unique data, big picture impact, emotional personal stories, third party resources, “news” angle.

In light of this ever-evolving media landscape, here are some recommendations for getting your story told in order to be viewed as an influencer and thought leader in the healthcare industry:

  • Carefully package stories for one major media outlet at a time.
  • Establish a way to instantly comment on breaking news (i.e., crafting a quote and sharing it with media).
  • Build social media and online presence for key subjects.
  • Build a foundation of coverage in trade media.
  • Expand relationships with fellow healthcare influencers to further disseminate the message.
  • Take opportunities to write bylined articles and guest blogs.
  • Create opportunities for coverage (surveys, events, speaking engagements, webinars etc.)

As discussed previously there’s no one “right way” to get your message and story out there, but with seasoned communications professionals such as SPR staff members, we can help get your story told through the media, increasing your influence and thought leadership in the healthcare space.

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