Below are ten recommendations for healthcare executives to consider if they are going to establish themselves as an influencer which include:

  1. Write a regular blog for a top tier media outlet, effectively pushing out your healthcare organization’s core messaging. You can write on popular topics in healthcare in order to expand your thought leadership position (opioid epidemic is an example of a hot topic that is getting a lot of traction in the media right now). If you write about a wide variety of topics but always reinforce your key messaging, you are not only increasing your visibility but your healthcare organization’s visibility simultaneously. When reporters go to research a topic they’re writing on, for example, and you’ve blogged about it, they will be more likely to consider you as a source/expert.
  2. Write long form articles for top tier media outlets. Participating in a long form broadcast is another effective ways to push your messaging points out.
  3. Secure speaking engagements. Once you’ve made it onto a program, develop a speech that reflects your key messaging points that you want to get across. Make sure your speeches tie into the core values of your organization.
  4. Prepare quotes for the media to use for breaking healthcare stories. The more information you can provide to the media, the more likely they are to use you as an expert/resource. Making a journalist’s job easier is always a gold-star in their book.
  5. Gather all the necessary data on 4-5 major/trending healthcare topics and build the required news elements around them. These elements include: data, information examples, third party experts and partners so that when a media opportunity arises around a particular topic, you and your organization are ready to hit the ground running.
  6. Connect and engage with the individuals and groups who can amplify your message.
  7. Develop a branded thought leader vehicle for you, such as “fireside chats” hosted by your organization’s chosen spokesperson with other key influencers.
  8. Prioritize video content in your marketing efforts. Make short, succinct videos that revolve around your core messaging. For example, a lot of hospitals are making short videos around their core services, to give a simple, succinct breakdown of what they can offer patients.
  9. Write the book on it. Literally. When researching the top healthcare influencers recently, SPR noted that the top healthcare influencers all had books published regularly which kept them at the forefront of healthcare discussions and at the top of people’s minds. Publishing a book on a topic near and dear to your heart is an easy way to build your thought leadership on a particular subject.
  10. Engage regularly with your internal team(s) on strategy and tactics when setting the stage for an influencer campaign. If there’s one thing that will stop your influencer campaign before it starts, it’s fragmented teams. All teams and team members need to effectively communicate and provide updates to make sure everyone is on the same page on an ongoing basis.

There is no overnight solution or “silver bullet” for influencer marketing success. However, SPR has found success for our healthcare clients by implementing these recommendations above.

We’ll be providing additional blogs on the subject of influencer marketing, check back on Einsight for updates!

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