In today’s digital marketplace where consumers can share content 24/7 across multiple platforms, you must proactively tell your own story. When considering a business transaction, there are two main factors people consider – who you are and what you sell.

According to Forbes, it’s who you are that is by far the more important of the two.[i]

Your reputation is a crucial intangible asset. It’s your key to developing and fostering customer loyalty. It differentiates you from your competitors and builds consumer confidence that translates into financial rewards.

The Value of Reputation

Reputation influences purchase decision-makers and drives demand which in turn translates into better financial performance, higher revenues, greater market share, higher valuation, and positive consumer behavior.  According to authors Chun and Roper, reputation has been found to contribute to between 3 and 7.5 percent of revenues yearly.[ii]

The impact of reputation to your bottom line clearly shows public relations should be considered a business investment rather than a cost.

Managing reputation is among public relations’ core areas of expertise. Savvy PR strategy integrates traditional media, social media, brand-owned content marketing and brand journalism to build a brand’s reputation across multiple platforms.

According to research by Nielsen, 83 percent of consumers[iii] trust recommendations from family and friends more than any other form of marketing.

PR helps leverage the power of credible intermediaries such as industry experts, thought leaders, analysts, and influencer endorsements to help you build your reputation, credibility and your bottom line.

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