Startups in the healthcare and tech spaces are moving ahead by leaps and bounds with the creation of new apps and games aimed at improving the quality of patient care. Whether your product/brand is consumer-facing or industry-facing, you must think about your next steps proactively and keep innovation at the forefront.

ReadWrite asked eight successful entrepreneurs what they do to maximize innovation at their startups (“8 Hard-Earned Innovation Tips For Startups”). These tips will help you on the road to startup success. Below are the 8 tips for healthcare and technology startups.

  1. Convergent vs. Divergent Innovation
  2. Institutionalizing Innovation
  3. The Growth Factor Question
  4. Validate the Market – And Its Size
  5. Pitch It To The Team
  6. Prove Your Concept With Current Customers
  7. Test Before You Test
  8. Identify & Track Key Metrics

Which do you find to be the most useful in your endeavors?

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