With opioid prescribing on the rise nationwide, the challenge of addiction is on the top of the list for workers’ compensation executives.

One clear result in cases of opioid overuse or abuse in workers’ compensation is the decline of the injured worker’s health. Additionally, industry studies show long term opioid use may lead to longer claim duration, long term disability and higher costs.

A new approach to addressing opioid abuse is a solution provided by Paladin Managed Care Services. Paladin asked the question “if the opioid epidemic negatively impacts both cost and care for injured workers, how can the managed care and medical community more effectively address this?” Paladin tackled this problem head on with their physician-guided approach to managed care.

In the instance of Paladin’s pharmacy utilization management service – only a physician oversees the use of potentially addictive Class II and III drugs. In contrast, the historic, traditional model for reviewing these powerful medications involves a nurse or claims examiner, who are not trained and/or licensed to alter prescribed treatments… When physicians consult with one another, alternatives to potentially dangerous medications are assessed as appropriate to the patient’s condition. Having the physician oversee the medical component at the start of a claim can significantly reduce opioid abuse and improve the injured workers’ care.

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