Video is a medium that is gaining traction daily in the world of Internet marketing, providing one of the most creative and effective ways to present your company and your product – they are an important tool for companies that wish to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Scott Public Relation and Focus Creative developed this webinar to share the most important tips to creating quality video for B2B executives in sales, marketing and business development. In just an hour, participants in this webinar will learn the art of developing professional looking videos to capture their target audience and drive sales.

The webinar takes place on Tuesday November 15 at 9am – 10am PST.

In this presentation, participants will learn:
• The role of video in B2B marketing
• Creating content that people will watch
• Getting your video seen
• How to create video on a budget without looking cheap
• How to get people to share your video
• Using video to drive sales

For more information on the webinar and how to register, visit Scott Public Relations.

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