Monthly Archives: October 2016


The Benefits of Wearable Technology in Workers’ Compensation

Wearable technology has made a big splash in the entertainment, health and fitness industries, with an estimated 20 percent of American adults owning such devices and a business already valued at $20 billion last year. Many are already making the case for this growing branch of devices’ potential to revolutionize the workplace and the nature [...]

Influencer Marketing Part 5 – Key Ingredients for a Successful Campaign

Based on SPR’s healthcare influencer research, we’ve put together a list of “key ingredients” that help a healthcare executive become an influencer/thought leader. From our research, we’ve found that all of the following pieces are critical for success: Messaging that is relevant, engaging, unique in tone and perspective, constant, and widely disseminated. Visual content as [...]

Influencer Marketing Part 4 – How to Succeed with Thought Leadership Initiatives

In our previous blogs highlighting influencer marketing, we outlined several recommendations, tactics and methods for establishing your healthcare organization and/or healthcare executive as an influencer. In order to break through the barrier that is the media today, and become recognized as a thought leader/influencer, we need to examine how the media landscape has changed over [...]