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The PR Crisis Causing Bloodshed on Game of Thrones

In a few more weeks, Game of Thrones will resume and we will know the answers to some burning questions from last season – primarily, did handsome but unlucky Jon Snow survive or die? As a PR practitioner, I had more reasons to cringe in horror as his own brotherhood sunk their knives – literally [...]

Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2016: Infographic

As healthcare public relations professionals, we are constantly reading “trends” pieces about the healthcare industry, looking to make sure our clients (as well as employees) are aware of what’s coming next, whether it’s opioid abuse, a political candidate’s promises on healthcare reform, or data security, it’s essential to be aware of the trending topics in [...]

Why ALMOST 10% of Registered Voters May Be Barred from Casting Their Ballots

You’re registered. You show up at the correct voting location. You should be able to vote – right? Well, maybe not.  Almost 1 in 10 registered voters may have problems with voter ID that keep them from casting their ballots. Thirty-three states require voter ID and sixteen require government-issued IDs, mostly photo. Groups of voters [...]

How Facebook Reactions Will Impact the PR, Marketing and Communications Industries

Image Resource: Facebook While “liking” something on Facebook is nothing new, users will now be able to express themselves on posts much more clearly than ever before and for PR, Marketing and Communications professionals, there will be no doubt as to how an audience feels about the content being shared. With the addition of five [...]

Corporate Social Media: Why Executives are Increasingly Favoring PR Pros

According to a 2015 survey conducted by The Creative Group, an increasing number of executives are turning to PR and Communications professionals for corporate social media needs. Rather than use in-house staff to manage social media campaigns, budgets are being adjusted to include social media initiatives in PR campaigns. At Scott Public Relations, we handle [...]