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How Senior Citizens Use Technology: Trends in Internet and Social Media Use

Though senior citizens use the internet and social media about twenty-seven percent less than the average American adult, the use of technology in this demographic is steadily increasing. According to an article on MarketingProfs, the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that fifty-nine percent of Americans sixty-five and older now go online. In addition [...]

Three Tips to Consider When Redesigning a Hospital’s Website

Designing a hospital’s website presents a myriad of challenges. Balancing the needs of the individuals, the departments, and the organization as a whole can make it very difficult to create an effective and cohesive website.  A Ragan’s Health Care Communication News article, “Read This 10-point Checklist Before Redesigning Your Hospital’s Website,” provides ten aspects to [...]

Generating More Sales: 6 Tips for Insurance Industry Professionals

Being in sales today is challenging, especially in the insurance industry. Insurance salespeople are knowledgeable when it comes to topics such as analyzing and managing risk, but always appreciate insight into generating more sales. Below are six steps insurance salespeople can take to improve their sales, compiled by Insurance NewsNet Magazine: Recognize the changing roles [...]

The Benefits of Social Media for Healthcare Professionals

We have all heard about the rapid growth of social media sites but not many consider the increase of social media usage in the healthcare industry. In fact, a U.S. News & World Report article entitled “Health Care Harnesses Social Media” states that sixty-seven percent of medical professionals report using these social sites for professional [...]

What’s New with The CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently begun to use its National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) to expand its role beyond the traditional federal germ police, becoming more influential on issues such as how care should be delivered in hospitals and physician practices. Cheryl Clark of HealthLeaders wrote an article, “CDC Expanding Quality [...]

Healthcare Technology Update: The Growth of Mobile Health Apps

A report conducted by a German market research firm, Research2guidance, indicated that revenue from mobile health apps could increase as much as ten times by 2017. This study compiled survey answers from over two thousand health app publishers to determine the future of this field. A Modern Healthcare article, “Mobile Health App Revenue to Grow [...]

Business Wire Media Survey Results Part Two: Best Practices for Reaching the Media Today

In our first blog about the Business Wire Media Survey Results, we highlighted the key ways where reporters mostly gather content from, such as the fact that the majority refer to press releases for content, and rely on the number of page views to help decipher the success of a story. Because of this shift [...]