Tips for International Business: Mobile Marketing in America

Mobile Marketing

This is the final installment in a series of blog posts on marketing in the US, written for international firms considering expanding into the American market. You can read the previous articles here and here.

The American communication landscape has shifted towards mobile technology heavily dependent on social media and online communication tools. An estimated 68 percent of Americans had smartphones in 2015—expected to have grown and exceeded 200 million in 2016—and a study from the Pew Research Center found that 62 percent of Americans were getting their news from social media in 2016. Nielsen found that American adults spent on average 43.5 hours a month viewing content through a mobile app or web browser.

This overwhelming trend to social media on mobile platforms is a key element to consider when marketing in the United States. Since 2014, an International Data Corporation (IDC) survey found, buyers in North America are the most likely to say using social media to purchase gives them confidence and credibility in the purchasing process. 83 percent of North American B2B buyers, compared to 77 percent of European and 65 percent of Asian Pacific, said they relied on social media to aid them in making decisions about purchases.

In order to successfully launch a service or product in the American marketplace, a firm will need to:

  • Create realistic estimates of the resources that will be necessary to create a reputation and win a decent share of the market
  • Identify, contact, and cultivate good channel partners with the ability to make the appropriate introductions for the firm and open up viable market relationships
  • Build a well-rounded marketing campaign balanced with the proper combination of earned media, social media, paid media, owed media, and influencer marketing

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