Tips for International Business: Mass Marketing in the American Landscape

Online Marketing

This is the fourth installment in a series of blog posts on marketing in the US, written for international firms considering expanding into American markets. You can read the previous article here.

The United States represents a huge market comprised of rather homogenous communities interspersed with more diverse areas of ethnic minorities. Consumers are further separated by measures of age, economic status, and geographic location. Large parts of the landscape host low populations and still face the challenges of maintaining access to modern services and technology—including healthcare.

Many American communication networks are also large. Moreover, many news media entities are shrinking as more people get news from online sources using mobile devices. Social media platforms and general digital communication are outdistancing traditional communication methods to become the primary way to reach consumers. Now the best way for reaching both B2B and B2C crowds is a mixture of digitized “earned media” strategies with paid advertising content.

One of the major hurdles for international companies seeking to create successful mass marketing programs in America is an underestimated budget requirement. Due diligence in analyzing the most attractive messaging, identifying “first movers” to target who can then be integrated into your system, and the proper role of earned, paid, and shared media is key to creating a winning strategy.

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