Social media expert, Janet Driscoll Miller, recently spoke at MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Forum on a topic entitled “Getting Ranked: Your social Presence and its Impact on SEO.”
A few highlights:

Search for key words on Google Insights by entering your specific search terms and if you see a spike in traffic with certain words or phrases, immediately write a blog (and post it) for that topic. For example, if you have a diabetes program, you might want to monitor key competitors who also have such programs and/or the name of the program and other key words; e.g., the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute.

Monitor social media to identify mentions about your healthcare organization and programs in articles and other mentions. If they don’t provide a link back to you, contact them and ask that they include one.

To help increase your social sharing presence, increase your social circle by following prospects and getting fans on your Facebook page.

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