Monthly Archives: May 2014

Five Things Startups Should Expect From Their PR Firms

Blog courtesy of Bridge Global Strategies Getting the word out about your startup business can be challenging. That’s where the PR professionals come in. If you’ve decided to hire a PR firm, here are five things you should expect from your newest brand advocates. Counseling and Pushback Entrepreneurs face enormous pressure to oversee everything, if [...]

Content Marketing Insights for Healthcare, Insurance, and Technology Companies

Content marketing is king when it comes to reaching audiences with marketing messages. Michael Brenner of B2B Marketing Insider published a recent article on this very subject, 33 Stats On the Future of Content Marketing, in which he reviews the importance of converting to content marketing to reach target audiences, since push-based messages are no [...]

2014 Pew Research Report Signifies Changes for News and PR

CyberAlert’s blog post, “What the ‘State of the News Media 2014’ Means for PR” discussing Pew Research Center’s 2014 State of the News Media report argues that traditional news doesn’t have to disappear altogether. In fact, the industry has new, more successful ways of channeling their gathering and sharing of news with the help of [...]

B2B Website Conversion Tips for 2014

Are you having difficulty getting more people to fully view your website? If so, take note of these tips we found in a recent Business 2 Community article entitled, “Use Your Bounce Rate For Higher B2B Conversions.” The article explains that analyzing your “bounce rate” (the average amount of users who visit only the first [...]

Healthcare PR and Marketing Tips: Showcasing Physicians on Your Website

If you’re looking to highlight your institution and gain more referrals, you’ll need to showcase the doctors that work at your hospital. We recently read a Ragan’s Health Care Communication News article, “8 Awesome Ways to Feature Docs on Your Website,” discussing how to position and showcase physicians. Here are five helpful suggestions: Pictures: By [...]

Healthcare PR and Marketing Tips: Optimizing Your Mobile Email Campaign

With our society’s attention spans continuing to decrease, it is becoming harder and harder to capture an audience’s attention. Not only are attention spans getting shorter every year, we’re bombarded with so much information on a daily basis that we often find ourselves multi-tasking, which also cuts our attention spans down significantly. With so much [...]

Healthcare PR and Marketing: Tips for Physicians using YouTube

Ragan’s Health Care Communication News With our healthcare system in such disarray and physicians having limited time with each patient in order to meet their demands, communication between physician and patient is paramount. But with limited time and resources, how can physicians educate their patients on various illnesses? Many professionals are turning to YouTube. Here’s [...]

4 Ways to Create and Repurpose Videos on Your Blog

Our final posting in this four-part series on video marketing outlines tips on creating and repurposing videos for use on a blog. Creating compelling content is no easy task for marketers today, and with quality videos that you’ve invested time and resources on, your company should be able to use and reuse/repurpose them strategically. Drawing [...]

Video Marketing: Tips for Leveraging Videos on Social Media

The third installment in our video marketing blog series, today we’re providing tips on sharing videos via social media channels.  Numerous social networking sites allow you to display videos and encourage sharing among users within a newsfeed. As Jon Spenceley points out in his article, “More Eyes on Your Video—How and Where to Share,” it’s [...]