2017 was a full year by any standard, and it’s no different for Scott Public Relations. From healthcare, to technology, to communications, SPR’s Einsight blog touched on a number of subjects and addressed several significant events that arose throughout the year. Now that 2018 has arrived, it’s time to take a look back at some of these entries which proved to be the most popular posts of 2017:

  • 7 B2B Marketing Strategies for 2017—Last year witnessed the growth of a new customer-centric marketing strategy trend. As buyers increasingly prioritized elements of brands such as intelligence and a sense of genuine connection with customers, this post informed B2B marketers about the strategies and technological tools they could employ to meet new customers’ expectations.
  • Twitter Moments: How Healthcare Organizations can Improve Marketing ROI in 2017—Twitter’s launch of “Twitter moments” created another opportunity for brands to connect with buyers through storytelling on social media. Einsight laid out several ways that this feature could improve healthcare organizations’ marketing efforts, including better engagement with brand followers and opportunities to showcase the value of a brand in unique and distinct ways.
  • Join CAPP’s Accountable Care Discussion at Better Together—The Better Together Health event in 2017 was a joint project by the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP) and the American Cancer Society to raise awareness about the benefits of coordinated healthcare for detecting and treating instances of cancer. In a year focused on government’s role in healthcare, these groups partnered to explain how hospitals, physician leaders, and medical experts can do their part to enact real changes in cancer care.
  • Five Degrees of Involvement: How Journalists Use Social Media—A crash-course in how social media is changing the way news and journalism works. As journalists immerse themselves into the world of digital communication, it is important to understand how a brand can best interact with a journalist based on their level of digital expertise.
  • Call to Action to close the Gaps in Cancer Care—This popular entry provided a closer look at the research presented at CAPP’s 2017 Better Together Health Although we’ve made a lot of progress in fighting cancer, dramatic disparities in who receives good healthcare coverage still exist between different demographics, and adopting better medical technology and practices could do a lot to reduce the costs of medicine and provide greater access to care for many people.

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