In celebration of our 25th anniversary of specializing and executing successful healthcare, technology and insurance PR and marketing campaigns, we have given ourselves a facelift. Not only did we revamp our logo, brand and website, we have launched new and improved service packages for our clients.

The “On Your Mark, Get Set, GO” service packages—divided into three unique programs—are based on our proven Push/Pull Marketing program, which “pulls” client prospects in when they are thinking about buying, while utilizing “push” tactics that drive the company message home and reinforce client credibility.

On Your Mark…
For new enterprises and firms that want to re-vitalize their brand, Scott Public Relations’ “On Your Mark” program establishes them as innovative, unique leaders in their space. Our insightful, experienced staff works with you in an exercise to define your brand, your unique selling proposition, and your key messaging for each of your target audiences. Then, our creative team collaborates with you in translating your brand into a memorable corporate identity, website (your calling card to the world), and the online, print and collateral materials you need going forward.

Get Set…
Seventy percent of the sale process now occurs online, before the prospects gets a direct mail piece, sees an ad, or gets a call from a salesperson. With Scott Public Relations’ “Get Set” program, we put in place the “pull” tactics that position you as the first resource they find when they are researching their questions online and in social media. Based on our research and the results obtained with our proprietary program, we provide a website that is constantly updated, videos and communications that can go “viral,” and a thought-provoking blog with educational content that is then disseminated online and in relevant social media channels. Prospects find it, read it, recognize you as the thought leader and the market leader that has the best solution for their needs. They visit your website and they connect with you, beginning the process of engagement that leads to the sale.

The “Push” tactics blend with the “Pull” program to achieve the impact that makes your firm the owner of “share of mind” that is correlated with “share of market.” Scott Public Relations’ “GO” Push program creates thought leadership through media coverage, speaking opportunities, direct mail, and other outbound tactics such as interactive marketing campaigns. We create the opportunities for you to be visible as the industry leader, and we take the content that is created from these media placements and opportunities to create more content online and in social media, making your “push” campaign even more powerful. As a result, you get a powerful brand building and lead generation engine that educates your market, fills your pipeline, and make you the company that is top-of-mind among your customers and prospects.

All packages are customizable based on your needs. Contact us today to get started on the road to maximum impact.

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