In Our Medical System, Many Americans Are “Mistreated”


Think Americans get the best healthcare in the world? Think again. And read “Mistreated: Why We Think We’re Getting Good Health Care and Why We’re Usually Wrong,” by Dr. Robert Pearl.

Our Scott Public Relations team was privileged to help Dr. Pearl launch this best-selling book over the spring and summer. In his talks as the former chairman of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP), we had heard him speak passionately about what’s really wrong with American health care and what must be done to fix it. Now, “Mistreated” makes his invaluable insights and recommendations available to everyone who cares about high quality, cost-effective health care in America.

As a physician and former CEO of the Permanente Medical Group, Dr. Pearl has watched health care evolving for decades and has spear-headed numerous innovations to make care more accessible, technologically connected, and coordinated, helping to achieve the highest quality ratings in the nation. As a son, he saw his own father die prematurely in part due to a medical error. This personal loss, plus his professional insights, drove his mission to transform the healthcare delivery system.

“Mistreated” delves into the gaps that cause the avoidable errors that claim more than 200,000 lives a year, why we spent 50% more on medical care than other developed nations but rank 70th in overall health; and why our life expectancy is dropping while that of other nations is rising. In the political debates over health care reform, Dr. Pearl argues that the real reform must take place within the system. Otherwise, as costs of care continue to rise without improved results, the economic and health consequences will overwhelm us.

Featured on CNBC, CBS, NPR, the Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, and numerous media forums, “Mistreated” will change the way you view health care. Read more about Dr. Pearl and “Mistreated” here.

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