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Do we need faster horses in healthcare? A reflection on MGMA13

Henry Ford is supposed to have said about market research, "If I had asked the public what they wanted they would have said, faster horses." Ford, of course, invented the Model T and revolutionized transportation. I was reminded of this quote at a recent conference I attended, in which many lamentations were voiced about the time [...]

Letter to Santa: My Healthcare Wishes for 2014

Dear Santa, I know you are busy because tomorrow is Christmas and the elves are working overtime (like many of our healthcare colleagues), but please take a minute to think about my healthcare wishes for this year – many people would be very grateful if you could help us out. Please help fix the implementation [...]

Tips for Physicians: Communicating with Patients & Staff

For any business to be successful, effective communication is key. As a boutique PR firm that specializes in healthcare PR and marketing, we’re aware of how important effective communication is for patient care and patient satisfaction as well as the day-to-day operations of a healthcare practice. We’re regular readers of Physicians Practice, a publication dedicated [...]

Instagram Video Benefits for B2B Companies

Instagram, an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service (150 million users) is getting a lot of attention from B2B brands who are now considering this online platform as a potential communication channel. Scott Public Relations recognizes that videos play a crucial part in a successful online strategy for healthcare PR and marketing campaigns and [...]

3 Key Factors for Successful Patient Engagement with EHRs

A recent Medical Economics article by Brandon Glenn examined a study regarding what physicians must do to engage patients in their EHRs and the key concerns patients have currently. As a boutique firm that specializes in healthcare marketing and PR, we wanted to share these three key factors with you since EHRs will be an [...]

How to Run an Effective Meeting

Written by RED PR Like death and taxes, meetings are inevitable. If you know how to run an effective meeting, it makes everyone’s work day much easier. Whether you lead a weekly interdepartmental meeting, schedule a project management meeting, or lead a brainstorming session, the meeting must be effective, efficient, and even elegant. Here are [...]

B2B Social Media Marketing – 10 Twitter Tips

It can be challenging to establish a strong presence for B2B companies on social media channels, but look no further because we read a recent Business 2 Community article by Ben Green on Twitter tips and we found them not only accurate but extremely helpful for healthcare, insurance, and technology B2B companies. What do you [...]