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Mobile Marketing Infographic: Big Brand Experience on a Small Screen

Blog courtesy of Bridge Global Strategies Mobile marketing articles are everywhere every day now. For a quick visual overview of how it all started, where we are and where we're going with mobile marketing, take a look at this infographic, provided courtesy of Top Marketing Schools, a site that provides information on some marketing education options [...]

Don’t Blow it With Social Media

Advice from Ryan Pinney’s InsuranceNewsNet Magazine article, “Don’t Blow it With Social Media,” is well taken. Here’s a summary. Social media is the essential element for information and publicity gathering in the modern digital age.  To most effectively utilize social media networks to gain attention and keep people interested in you, the 90/10 and 10/4/1 [...]

A Reflection on the State of Current Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing

At the core of effective healthcare marketing should be two underlying core values – meaning and transparency. Patients need access to meaningful, relevant and timely healthcare information across the continuum of care. Not only does this improve satisfaction and health outcomes, but it improves the way the overall healthcare system operates and will continue to [...]

10 Ideas to Make Boring B2B Social Media Posts Captivating

The following tips are taken from “10 Ideas to Make Boring B2B Social Media Posts Captivating,” by Jeffrey L. Cohen. Product marketing has been the driving force behind writing and advertising in social media for years, focusing on the features and qualities of your product to gain attention. Today, people primarily want to hear how [...]

A Healthcare Public Affairs Tour De Force in the Making

Blog courtesy of Bridge Global Strategies Last week The New York Times published an in-depth expose on the recent lobbying activities of two healthcare companies, DaVita Healthcare Partners and Fresenius, to influence the government’s reimbursement policy for dialysis treatment. The article provides a scathing portrayal of the companies’ coalition building efforts, aimed at galvanizing patients, [...]

Seven Deadly Words of Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing

Just as George Carlin laid out his famous “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television,” Paul Szablowski, VP for public relations at Dignity Health, and Rob Rosenberg, President for Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy, created a list of seven words to avoid in healthcare marketing. These seven words (comprehensive, integrated, continuum, advanced, care, close, and [...]

What PR Consulting, Startup Funding & Journalism Have in Common

Blog courtesy of Bridge Global Strategies One of the first things journalism students learn is to get sufficient information in an interview to answer six basic questions: the five W questions – who, what, where, when and why, and the one H question – how. For example, who shot the sheriff, what happened to the [...]

Communication with Hospital C-Suite: Top Concerns of Hospitals

Earlier this year, the American College of Healthcare Executives announced the top issues confronting hospital executives in 2012. Topping the list are financial challenges, patient safety and quality as well as the implementation of healthcare reform and governmental mandates. Below is the full list of top hospital concerns, ranking from highest to lowest: Financial challenges [...]