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Video Content Marketing: Embed Video in Your Email

As the second blog in our four-part series on video marketing, SPR recommends including videos in email campaigns when possible. Because different email programs can display content in different ways, it may or may not be beneficial to embed videos within your emails so we’d recommend testing it out before sending anything out. Having a [...]

Stats Show the Power of Video

Videos allow for the powerful possibility of content to be shared in an entertaining, compelling and efficient way to relay a message to an audience, and entice engagement. This concept of utilizing video for marketing efforts is discussed in Jon Spenceley’s recent article, “More Eyes on Your Video—How and Where to Share.” Spenceley highlights a [...]

Healthcare PR & Marketing: Ways to Better Communicate with Journalists

The article “Figuring Out Journalists: 3 Tips for PR Pros” by Jonathan Tombes on Ragan’s Health Care Communication News discusses three helpful clues when it comes to efficiently motivating busy journalists to consider your story pitch: They hate jargon. Being the excellent wordsmiths they are, journalists don’t like industry lingo/buzzwords. They are more responsive to [...]

Content Marketing Tips: The Types of Content Your Audience Wants to Share

Scott Public Relations has been a long-time proponent that content creation is an essential part of any effective PR and/or marketing campaign – in order to keep people interested and coming back to your company, you need to be providing them with valuable content. It doesn’t always have to be brand new content either, it [...]

6 Reasons to Frequently Audit Your Website

Blog courtesy of WordWrite Communications, a fellow PRBI member When was the last time your company performed any kind of audit of your website? Have you reassessed your content and keywords for peak optimization lately? More than likely, you’ve answered “no” to these questions. If it’s been a while (or never) since you've really assessed [...]

Marketing Automation: How to Effectively Streamline Your B2B Sales Process

C-suite executives at B2B healthcare, insurance, and technology companies are presented with new marketing options regularly, but they are often left wondering what the benefits are to investing in these new marketing tools. They also may be wondering, “Does marketing automation help lead to more sales?” or “What does it even mean?” A simple explanation: [...]

10 Tips for Your Thought Leadership Campaign in 2014

As part of PR Boutiques International (PRBI), we follow members’ blogs and enjoy sharing good content, such as a recent blog from Wendy Marx at Marx Communications. We agree with Marx’s stance on thought leadership that “When executed correctly, thought leadership is a valuable way of branding yourself and your company.” Here are 10 tips [...]

Tips on Selling to the C-Suite

Many salespeople can find it challenging to get involved with executives who could potentially buy their product, often because the salesperson does not fully grasp the mentality an executive has towards their business and its process. We enjoyed the insights from Nicholas A.C. Read’s book, “Selling to the C-Suite,” which breaks down the data on [...]