“Are You a Wallflower at the B2B Social Media Party?” White Paper Released

Scott Public Relations shows B2B companies why—and how—to take advantage of social media

Los Angeles – Scott Public Relations, specialists in healthcare, insurance and technology PR, announced the publication of its newest white paper, “Are You a Wallflower at the B2B Social Media Party?” In it, SPR reveals how B2B companies can take advantage of social media to increase visibility and sales.

“Using social media has become one of the many tools marketers use to influence buying decisions for consumer goods,” said Joy Scott, president and CEO of Scott Public Relations. “Now, they have started to realize that social media is a valuable tool for influencing B2B customers, too. As part of our initial complementary evaluation, we also evaluate qualifying companies’ social media presence and opportunities.”

The white paper details why B2B companies should be using social media and highlights reasons why they should change their wallflower status. Additionally, the paper offers 8 ways a company can use social media.

The number one reason why B2B companies don’t have a social media program is the reluctance of top management to support it, which makes this paper an important piece of ammunition for B2B marketers who are trying to build a case for a social media presence in their company.

For more information on social media strategies, visit the website at www.scottpublicrelations.com to download a complimentary copy of “Are You a Wallflower at the B2B Social Media Party?”

About Scott Public Relations

Scott Public Relations, based in Los Angeles, California, has served companies in healthcare, insurance and technology across the U.S. and abroad, with a full range of public relations services for 23 years. The company’s approach to public relations is characterized by account teams of senior level practitioners with in-depth experience in communications and the clients’ industries. Through its Council of Experts, SPR brings senior level specialists to meet clients’ needs in complementary areas such as advertising, graphics, brand development and management, website development, market research, market planning, and international marketing. With these resources, the agency can develop and execute a comprehensive, integrated marketing program. Scott Public Relations is also a member of Public Relations Boutiques International (PRBI), an international network of boutique public relations firms. For more information, visit www.scottpublicrelations.com.