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Not What It Claims to Be: Fixing the Issues in the Workers’ Compensation Industry

The recent numbers for the workers’ comp industry appear to show solid improvement in recent years, but in actuality they also serve to highlight an ongoing problem for the field according to a recent Property & Casualty 360 article. The article, “NCCI Data Reveal Need for New Model for Workers’ Comp Claims Management,” reveals that [...]

Ebola Updates from around the Web: How Healthcare Systems Can Mitigate the Spread of Infection

The recent Ebola outbreak has the American public as well as healthcare professionals concerned about what can be done to keep citizens from contracting this virus. Recently, two healthcare professionals in Dallas tested positive for Ebola. Healthcare organizations must look for ways to contain the disease and mitigate its debilitating effects. The nation’s top public [...]

The Content Revolution: Why LinkedIn Is Ideal for Healthcare Professionals

LinkedIn has become a staple social media outlet for professionals across the board, and now more than ever, people are actively using this platform to share information.  One and a half million LinkedIn members are sharing content and sixty-five percent of users have increased their consumption over the past year. This drastic increase is now [...]