Monthly Archives: September 2014


A New Concept for Marketing Healthcare Practices from SPR

Running a successful medical practice today is challenging. Physicians and healthcare practitioners are especially perplexed by how to market their practices in a constantly changing world. That’s why SPR developed its new JumpStart Marketing Program for healthcare professionals. This program benefits practices by: Attracting additional patients. Expanding a certain type of patient population or service. [...]

Social Selling: 5 Ways to Generate Leads and Sales

There are currently more than 1 billion active social media users across the various social media platforms. This makes social selling one of the best ways to reach mass audiences. These social media users will turn to their online social networks before committing to a purchase, and the average consumer will look at more than [...]

Workers’ Compensation Industry Update: Harbor Health Systems Holds Harbor Medical Director Meeting to Share Best Practices and Address Industry Trends and Issues

Harbor Health Systems, a One Call Care Management company, hosted the MDM conference in Laguna Beach, California on July 30th. Topics discussed during the meeting included identifying the best doctors to treat workers’ compensation patients, updates on legislation impacting physician networks, and tools for doctors to better manage these cases. “We are truly at a [...]

Online Video: Today’s Powerful Communication Medium

SPR recommends that healthcare, insurance, and technology companies use videos in order to reach target audiences today. Approximately eighty-three percent of human learning is visual. With our eyes fixated on our mobile device screens 24/7, video is the perfect medium to deliver brand messaging because it is quick, concise, and the preferred method of delivery [...]

Technology’s Impact on Healthcare: The Possible Benefits and Risks of Google Glass

The medical field is still determining whether innovations such as Google Glass, a pair of glasses that doubles as a camera and computer, will live up to the hype. A New York Times post, “Google Glass Enters the Operating Room,” discusses the possible impacts of this new innovation. Various medical professionals have different opinions about [...]