Monthly Archives: March 2014


Senior Citizens Explore Digital Technology for Health Management

Any thought of digital technology catering exclusively to a young audience has now become a thing of the past. This is most true when dealing with the all-important topic of healthcare. With the aging population rapidly growing, senior citizens are looking at digital technology as a new way to help manage their health and well-being. [...]

How to Revamp Care in the Hospital and Healthcare Environment

Is there an imbalance between your hospital’s daily operations and payment model? What your healthcare system achieves and how you get compensated are rapidly changing in today’s medical environment. According to a recent report done by the American Hospital Association titled “Your Hospital’s Path to the Second Curve: Integration and Transformation,” hospitals are shifting from [...]

5 Tips for Making Your Content Stand Out

There’s a lot of buzz around the phrase ‘content creation’ these days, but what does it mean to actually create high quality content that makes you stand out from your competitors? Do you have the perfect idea for content but find it difficult to make it sound impactful? A recent PR Daily article 5 Ways [...]

Tips on Engaging Millennials as Brand Advocates

The next five years are set to see the millennials take the stage as a revolutionary presence in the business world. This group of people, those born between 1980 and 2000, is one of the largest generations that has ever existed. In addition to their size, these millennials are bringing a new and unique take [...]

Obesity in America: How Employers Can Help Alleviate the Problem

Are you aware that one-third of Americans are considered overweight? With the average person spending half their day working, the obesity epidemic is slowly making an impact on the productivity of the modern day working environment. According to a study done by Northeast Business Group last November, obesity has ascended to the top of health [...]