Monthly Archives: November 2011


Building Business with People

New media has changed the way and the speed that marketers relate to their target audience, but this platform may not be the absolute answer to every marketing need. Robbin Phillips, Greg Cordell, Geno Church and Spike Jones, authors of “Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements,” believe that marketers should engage [...]

Pegging News to Healthcare “Holidays”

We’re all familiar with the media’s focus upon the New Year, which almost universally relates to diet, weight loss, fitness programs, and with breast cancer awareness month in October. But did you know that unfamiliar health observance days, such as National Women’s Check-up Day, for example, which falls on May 9th this year, can also [...]

Media Interview Tips for Healthcare Executives

Healthcare company executives are frequently called upon to speak with media about issues pertaining to their organization or the state of the industry in general. These interview requests can arise as a result of a crisis situation, part of a planned PR campaign or because they have availed themselves as media resources. Regardless of the [...]