Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Payback on Social Media Inside Your Company

Social media offers numerous benefits for companies and their employees, including effective team building, communication, and collaboration. Dana Larson, who blogs regularly about business, collaboration and productivity solutions, offers her take on the benefits social media offers that we should all be aware of. Here are a few highlights: Increased channels of communication – You [...]

Video Basics for Your Business

Thinking about creating a video to market your business but not sure where to begin? Robert Grossman of Focus Creative provides some basic tips for businesses on video creation. Video seems to be gaining the most traction in the world of Internet marketing. More and more businesses are using videos to promote their products and [...]

Earned Media Benefits for B2B Companies

Do you know the difference between online earned media and online paid media? Social media expert, Kipp Bodnar, publisher of, does. With earned social media, you have no control, but for online paid media, because you are paying, you have total control. Here’s an example of earned social media: you tweet a link to [...]