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Healthcare Reform Basics

So what is up with the new healthcare reform bill and how can people who need health insurance get more information? Here is a quick snapshot, courtesy of, on what people can expect and a helpful link for a more in-depth look. Now: Can’t get insurance because of a pre-existing health condition? You may [...]

PR Experts Speak: What Qualities CEOs Should Look for in Their Leadership Teams

Recently, a “brain trust” of PR experts (PR Boutiques International) was asked to recommend what leadership qualities CEOs look for in their C-suite executives. Here’s what they said: A Role Model. C-suite executives are the role models for all employees in the company, as well as a window through which the business community and media [...]

Word-of-mom marketing

Their marketplace is worth an estimated $1.6 trillion dollars. There are 35.3 million of them. And “word-of-mom” is the most powerful marketing tool to reach them. They are mothers with children under 18 years of age. And who do they listen to? Each other. Social media and the phenomenon of moms influencing moms have given [...]

Virtual Doctor Visits May Be the Wave of the Future

Doctors treating patients online is a trend that is gaining momentum as a way to enhance the convenience of the physician-patient relationship, expand access to healthcare, and lower healthcare cost. Online consultations or e-visits – through email, live online visits using web-based video or phone, and/or online portals – are most commonly used to treat [...]