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13 DOs & DON’Ts to Make the Most of Digital Communications

Blog courtesy of Lucy Siegal, CEO of Bridge Global Strategies The new realities of the digital era of communication can sink organizations quickly or can help them to thrive, all depending on what actions they take. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make the best use of digital communications: What Helps: • Be active [...]

How American PR Is Different from PR Overseas

Blog courtesy of Lucy Siegel, President and CEO of Bridge Global Strategies Foreign companies that want to build visibility in the U.S. are usually surprised to find that there are cross-cultural differences in the role of public relations between their countries and the U.S. In many parts of the world, including most of Asia and [...]

Lessons for Communicators from the Founding Fathers

In honor of President’s Day, this Einsights’ blog looks at our favorite quotes from U.S. Presidents—and lessons from these leaders and founding fathers for communicators today. Our all-time favorite is from the Great Emancipator himself (and Oscar contender this year), Abraham Lincoln. Given at his second inauguration, at the conclusion of the bloodiest war ever [...]

It’s No Accident: Lance Armstrong’s Kind of PR Dilemma is Becoming More Frequent

Blog courtesy of Scott Sobel, MA, President of Media & Communications Strategies Critical Public Relations It seems like every day another entertainment celebrity, sports hero, significant CEO or politician or maybe a religious figure, is in front of cameras or an audience to ring their hands, mouth a mea culpa and ask for forgiveness. They [...]

PR or Not, That is the Question

Wondering if PR is really necessary for your company? Let’s examine the scenario of discontinuing a PR program or just not implementing one at all. Could you do without a PR program? The answer is: yes. But do you want to? Some companies survive without PR programs. However they risk not reaching the visibility, brand [...]