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The Season of Lists…and Some Communication Lessons Therein

It’s the season of “best of” lists of every type. So, I’d like to offer up my “best book” list of 2012. (Spoiler alert: It’s short, and no books featuring vampires were considered for this list.) But first, some insight into what makes them so memorable, and what that means for communication. Every book that [...]

The Relationship Between Public Relations and Social Media

As experts in healthcare public relations, we are frequently asked why B2B companies should participate in social media? One reason is the impact of social media in a successful media relations program to connect, engage, and comment. A resource called Muck Rack is one that has been useful to find the journalists that matter to [...]

9 Things Journalists Do & Do NOT Find Newsworthy

by Lucy Siegel, Bridge Global Strategies One of the most difficult parts of my job is to explain to a client why the announcement the company’s CEO wants us to make isn’t news and is unlikely to be covered by the media. Here are a few examples of what journalists don’t find worth covering but [...]