The workers’ compensation industry is facing a new challenge in the rise of claims associated with comorbidities, chronic or reoccurring maladies such as diabetes or obesity and the results produced when they are present simultaneously. As an increasing number of Americans are faced with health issues such as obesity, drug addiction, hypertension, and diabetes, it becomes essential for claims professionals to learn best practices for mitigating risks associated with these conditions. Eric Patten, Director of Clinical Management and Complex Care at One Call Care Management, will highlight strategies to manage these conditions during the upcoming RIMS Annual Conference taking place in Philadelphia, PA.

Claims caused by or related to comorbidities are becoming notorious for higher medical costs, increased claim duration, and increased rates for surgeries and litigation. Claims incorporating multiple comorbidities often have the greatest impact on costs and duration because of the complications and additional health risks that arise and are exacerbated when these conditions interact with each other.

Patten, who is diabetic himself, has over twenty-two years of nursing experience including diabetes education, emergency nursing, and critical care. He has used his personal experience and twelve years in catastrophic nurse care management to promote awareness of the challenges that comorbidities pose to the recovery of injured workers.

In his RIMS session, Patten will examine today’s key comorbid conditions that are impacting claims, while providing risk management strategies that can help avoid the complications and worse-case scenarios that can occur if these conditions are not properly managed. Patten will be presenting with Rick Graham, the Director of Workers’ Compensation at Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

Discover how to effectively manage comorbid conditions by attending Patten’s session, taking place Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at 1:30pm.

Learn more about Patten’s upcoming session here: Strategies to Manage the Pandora’s Box of Comorbid Conditions

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