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Tweeting to be Retweeted

Healthcare and technology PR mavens know that Twitter is a marketing tool with the power to engage your organization’s target audience. Twitter’s simplicity and format for effective and limited engagement makes this social media platform unique. One important feature of this site is that it allows for the republishing or the retweeting of posts. When [...]

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More Good News For the PR Industry

As a member of PR Boutiques International, we are delighted to share this week’s Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog article with you... “More Good News For the PR Industry: New PR Boutiques International Survey Predicts Optimistic Forecast for Boutique PR Firms in 2012 — The Power of Social Media Cited as the Year's Major Communication Event” [...]

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Men Like a Good Cause Too

Traditionally it was thought that women were the target audience for cause-related marketing. Marketers created campaigns to pull at the heart strings of women and have left out men from cause campaigns entirely, but a recent PR Week/Barkley PR Cause Survey shows that men care about causes practically as much as women do. The survey [...]

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