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10 “Must Haves” from Your PR Agency

Ever wonder what you should look for when you hire a PR Agency? Here is a quick check list from Lucy Siegel of Bridge Global Strategies. Here are 10 expectations you should have from any PR agency you hire: • It has ethical owners and managers who expect ethical behavior from all employees. • The [...]

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The Hidden Costs of In-House PR

Bridge Global Strategies’ blog “The Hidden Costs of In-House PR” echoes what I’ve been saying for years. In this blog, Lucy Siegel highlights some of the hidden costs of hiring an in-house PR person and explains why it’s not always the best decision. "The Hidden Costs of In-House PR" I have seen several articles recently [...]

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4 Ways to use Video to Market Your Business Online

With news print declining and more and more news content moving online, it’s no surprise that online video is becoming more and more popular these days. So how can you use video to market your business? Robert Grossman of Focus Creative shares his tips: If you’re not using videos on your website to market your [...]

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The Secret to Going “Glocal”

One of this year’s most interesting movie characters is Anna Kendrick as Natalie, George Clooney’s hotshot but clueless MBA mentee in “Up in the Air.” “Glocal” means “local” and “global” simultaneously. At first hearing, it’s humorous. But after some reflection – well, Natalie may be right. Perhaps most companies today do need both a local [...]

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