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What is This Thing Called Brand Journalism?

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Simply put, brand journalism tells your story. Brand journalism tells your company’s story in the form of journalism, or media content. Using journalistic skills, brand journalism leverages the power of storytelling used in media outlets, blogs, social media, video, and paid media to tell the story of your brand, company, or product. Your story is told in your voice and you control it.

Brand journalism is the antithesis of the sales pitch. Formerly, the news media covered company news while corporations focused on marketing and sales tactics. Corporate content was in large part sales pitchy, promotional information. But the tide has shifted from corporate-centric content to audience-centric content. Brand journalism entails providing fresh, relevant content that speaks to your target audience’s interests and needs. As a result, brand journalism elevates your reputation.

Why is Brand Journalism Important?

Today’s audience is sophisticated and attention spans are at an all-time low. News is available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across multiple platforms. Bombarding your audience with a simple-minded message, meaningless facts and figures isn’t going to cut through noise. That strategy is yesterday’s news.

In 2004, McDonald’s presented itsbrand journalism” plan at an Advertising Age conference. This plan rejected traditional marketing and advertising approaches that focused on a single, repetitive message in favor of a “content stream approach.”

Our digital, multi-platform, attention-deficit world demands it.  Content must speak across multiple platforms, to diverse audiences. Your message must be authentic, valuable, insightful and relevant to your audience.  Ad Age makes a critical distinction between “message pushing” and “message engaging.”

It is paramount that your content and message engage and attract your audience. In many ways it’s like the art of courting — you want to flirt, tease, and captivate their interest.

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