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Top C-Suite Questions Answered: Why Is PR Important for Business?

In today’s digital marketplace where consumers can share content 24/7 across multiple platforms, you must proactively tell your own story. When considering a business transaction, there are two main factors people consider – who you are and what you sell. According to Forbes, it’s who you are that is by far the more important of [...]

The Benefits of Wearable Technology in Workers’ Compensation

Wearable technology has made a big splash in the entertainment, health and fitness industries, with an estimated 20 percent of American adults owning such devices and a business already valued at $20 billion last year. Many are already making the case for this growing branch of devices’ potential to revolutionize the workplace and the nature [...]

Influencer Marketing Part 5 – Key Ingredients for a Successful Campaign

Based on SPR’s healthcare influencer research, we’ve put together a list of “key ingredients” that help a healthcare executive become an influencer/thought leader. From our research, we’ve found that all of the following pieces are critical for success: Messaging that is relevant, engaging, unique in tone and perspective, constant, and widely disseminated. Visual content as [...]

Influencer Marketing Part 4 – How to Succeed with Thought Leadership Initiatives

In our previous blogs highlighting influencer marketing, we outlined several recommendations, tactics and methods for establishing your healthcare organization and/or healthcare executive as an influencer. In order to break through the barrier that is the media today, and become recognized as a thought leader/influencer, we need to examine how the media landscape has changed over [...]

Better Together Health 2016: Examining the Evolution of U.S. Healthcare

The goal of healthcare reform goes beyond increasing the number of people with health insurance and decreasing how much it costs. Many who debate the subject also target improving quality of care and transforming the process to streamline access and expand healthcare. The Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP), a coalition of multi-specialty medical groups [...]

Influencer Marketing Part 3 – How to Craft Your Content to Ensure Success

In our initial blogs about influencer marketing, we outlined the foundational steps in order to start an influencer marketing campaign, along with several recommendations and insights. Now that you’ve established an integrated communications strategy and agreed upon compelling messaging to take out externally, the next steps involve getting your feet wet with the campaign and [...]

The Opioid Epidemic: Working Towards a Solution

Opioids—or opiates—are a class of painkiller drugs with a long history of medicinal use going back centuries. Despite their continuing importance as prescription medication, the last ten years have seen sharp increases in addiction and deaths caused by their overuse and abuse. Robert Pearl, M.D., Chairman of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP), CEO [...]

Influencer Marketing Part 2 – 10 Recommendations for Becoming a Healthcare Influencer

Below are ten recommendations for healthcare executives to consider if they are going to establish themselves as an influencer which include: Write a regular blog for a top tier media outlet, effectively pushing out your healthcare organization’s core messaging. You can write on popular topics in healthcare in order to expand your thought leadership position [...]

Donald Trump—The Healthcare Story

On July 21st, Donald Trump officially became the Republican nominee for President of the United States. An unconventional Republican, his positions on key policy issues are now largely representative of his party’s agenda, although little buy-in was sought or gained from his leadership. The non-traditional nature of Trump’s campaign style has left little room for [...]