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An increasing number of B2B healthcare, insurance and technology organizations are using social media as a way to market themselves to clients and promote their brand in the digital realm. At Scott Public Relations we are big supporters of using social media for B2B business initiatives (social selling, finding new business prospects, community engagement etc.). We found a Forbes article from Jayson DeMers, “100 Ways to Maximize ROI on Your Social Media Campaign,” that provides some useful tips for any B2B company looking to fine-tune their social efforts.

Below are ten tips to help maximize a B2B organization’s social media efforts:

  • Use programs such as Social Crawlytics to connect and engage with influencers in your industry.
  • Sharing a blog post multiple times can get new likes and shares while increasing credibility. SPR implements this same strategy with our own Einsight blog posts. We share our blogs over an extended period of time, on different channels to increase visibility.
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  • Experiment by posting at different times and days to see when you get the most interaction.
  • Familiarize yourself with each platform’s appropriate number of hashtags, and find which ones are best suited for your business—programs such as me are very helpful for this. For example, according to Buddy Media’s research, tweets should only have one to two hashtags, max.
  • Include a website link in your YouTube video description: This is the primary way you’re going to drive traffic back to your site.
  • We know that high-quality Google+ posts tend to rank well on Google: So don’t be afraid to post keyword-rich, longer-form content on the platform.
  • Take extra care to endorse your colleagues and other connections on their LinkedIn profiles, and be sure to ask that they do the same for you.
  • Be consistent with branding by making sure your images and voice are kept consistent on all of the social media platforms that you use.
  • Quality over quantity of followers is important. It’s not the number of followers you have that counts: It’s better to have 100 targeted, engaged followers than 1,000 who don’t actually care about your business or products.
  • Have a plan in place for responding to questions and complaints on social media: Up to 42 percent of your followers are expecting a response within 60 minutes.

While there many more hundreds of tips that could be provided, we found these to be highly important in terms of making the most impact with an organization’s social media initiatives.

Read the entire Forbes article by Jason DeMers.

What are some top social media tips you would give to a colleague looking to fine tune their efforts?

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