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Healthcare News Roundup: February 22, 2017

We scoured the Internet for the most relevant and interesting healthcare stories and here’s what we found, check out the articles below: The business case for digital solutions in healthcare: feasibility, open-mindedness and, of course, ROI (MobiHealthNews) Bad Hospital Design Is Making Us Sicker (The New York Times) Hospitals Find Ways to Serve Patients on Demand [...]

Is There a Surgeon in the Hospital?

Surgical Hospitalists Answer the Growing Need for Comprehensive Care One of the constant problems affecting hospitals in the United States is a shortage of general surgeons. In recent years, hospitals have found it more and more difficult to have surgeons at the ready if an individual needs an emergency procedure. That’s because of two factors: [...]

How Do I Become a Thought Leader Today?

Reaching people with your marketing message used to be simple. Brands could push information out to their audiences while they watched TV, listened to the radio, and read newspapers or magazines. Today, we consume our information in snippets from dozens of different sources throughout the day. We’re tweeting in between watching videos and sharing life’s [...]