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How to Boost Your B2B PR Campaign: Top 5 Strategies

As healthcare PR and marketing professionals often working with B2B organizations, we appreciate insights into how to raise the visibility of B2B PR campaigns. Marx Communications, a fellow PRBI member, shared some insightful B2B PR strategies that we’d like to pass along to our regular Einsight readers. Below we’ve highlighted the top five strategies to [...]

Visual Content Key to Successful Branding in 2016

Visual content will be key to successfully branding healthcare, insurance and technology organizations this year. This means marketers will need to use more visuals, infographics and videos in a brand’s digital marketing strategy moving forward. The average attention span today is only eight seconds, and with the constant barrage of information online 24/7, it’s no [...]

Marketing and Sales Alignment Tips for Healthcare Organizations Today

As companies seek better internal alignment, marketing and sales departments are usually seen as good places to start. The synergies, however, are not always clear and the complexities of this integration grow as firms increase in size. Nonetheless, the results are well worth overcoming the challenges. The integration of sales and marketing processes helps organization [...]

Healthcare PR Insights: How to Create Great Content in 2016

“With the explosion of content, time-starved consumers are increasingly selective of what they’re viewing and reading,” Adobe concluded from its recent survey on content consumption, “The State of Content: Expectations on the Rise.” The company interviewed more than 2,000 U.S. consumers and concluded that there is growing skepticism about online content. The results also show [...]