Monthly Archives: August 2015


Tips on Successfully Leveraging Facebook Groups in Healthcare

Prior to May 2009, companies on Facebook used either personal pages or group pages to reach out to an audience.  With the introduction of Facebook’s business pages, companies have found a unique and flexible way to share their products, services and insights with audiences.  Now, Facebook Groups can be used in conjunction with company pages [...]

Social Media Marketing Insights for Physicians and Medical Practices

Social media has become the place to communicate with the largest number of people at one time.  Patients can now manage their contact with physicians through call-in services and online portals to receive test results, set appointments, and order prescriptions, so why not communicate with medical practices through social media? If effectively executed, medical practices [...]

Bridging the Technology Gap between Physicians and Patients

As consumers are turning more and more to mobile devices for their healthcare needs, there is no shortage of wearable devices, apps and websites addressing everything from the common cold to serious medical conditions. With the surge in apps and health wearables like FitBit, FitNow, Foducate, Apple Watch, and MyFitnessPal, physicians are encouraging patients to [...]