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Five Healthcare Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

Avi Dan, a Forbes contributor, outlines his predictions for marketing developments in “11 Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015,” and below we share the trends that could affect the healthcare marketing world. SPR’s healthcare marketing and PR professionals identified the following five trends to keep an eye on this year: Agility marketing will define [...]

Pharma’s Journey from Desktop to Mobile

The role of pharma in social media has been hotly debated for several years, but an even more urgent issue concerns the lack of spending for mobile ads in the pharma sphere. Aryeh Lebeau describes the problem and several ways for brands to expand their presence and ability on mobile with his Medical Marketing & [...]

Healthcare Reform’s Impact on The Workplace

Healthcare reform initiatives have led many companies to make changes they had not anticipated and left many companies feeling caught off guard. For example, thirty-six percent of companies that had implemented a high-deductible health care (HDHC) plan in 2013 had not initially planned to take that step. In adapting to these changes, those companies that [...]

Claims Management Tips: Avoiding Malfunction Junctions in Workers’ Compensation

Just like with some traffic intersections, there can be points in workers’ compensation claims management dubbed ‘malfunction junctions,’ where a multitude of responsibilities come together. Whether performed by staff or outsourced, this point of intersection is at the desk of the adjuster. While this point in the process usually goes smoothly, a Property Casualty 360 [...]