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Archive for March, 2015

Healthcare PR and Marketing Insights: Four Key Storytelling Principles

The importance of using visuals when producing promotional content cannot be overstated. Studies have shown that articles with images garner ninety-four percent more views than those without and that forty […]

Innovations in Healthcare Technology and Patient Communications

Innovations in healthcare technology are now changing the way healthcare practitioners operate. These new practices can often improve efficiency, but come along with their own set of unique challenges. The […]

Healthcare Public Relations Insights: 3 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2015

The article “B2Bs Must Shift to Support the Mobile Marketing Conundrum,” on Forbes highlights the fact that many B2B organizations are still lagging when it comes to implementing a dynamic […]

The Benefits of Healthcare Social Networks for Physicians

Increasing numbers of physicians and other healthcare professionals are turning to social media to network with other professionals, exchange research, and look for employment opportunities. While these sites can be […]

Patient Activation Measure: A Healthcare Tool to Improve Patient Health

Many patients with chronic illnesses continue to suffer because they are unwilling or unable to be actively involved in the healthcare process and take charge of their own healthcare. This […]

Insurance Technology Trends that Deliver Results

Technology in the insurance in industry is constantly changing and evolving. This means that insurance companies must develop and launch products that meet specific needs in the marketplace. Below are […]

Healthcare Privacy: Increased HIPAA Risks and Security Lags

The government emphasis on patient privacy has resulted in increased penalties for HIPAA violations. Studies suggest, however, that medical practices often fail to comply with HIPAA guidelines for securing health […]

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