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Physician Compensation: Increasingly Linked to Value-Based Healthcare Delivery

The move towards a delivery system for healthcare based on value has brought recent changes to the factors involved with physician compensation. In a HealthLeaders article titled “Physician Pay Increasingly Linked to Value-based Metrics,” Christopher Cheney examines why primary care physicians told MGMA almost six percent of their compensation was linked with quality guidelines in [...]

B2B Social Media: 10 Tips to Maximize Your Social Efforts

An increasing number of B2B healthcare, insurance and technology organizations are using social media as a way to market themselves to clients and promote their brand in the digital realm. At Scott Public Relations we are big supporters of using social media for B2B business initiatives (social selling, finding new business prospects, community engagement etc.). [...]

What Americans are Viewing: Video Consumption Habits

Television has been a staple in American households for decades but viewing habits are now changing dramatically. Did you know that more than half of all U.S. consumers use their television to view online content? MarketingProfs reviewed an Adroit Digital study in an article, “The Video Consumption Habits of U.S. Consumers,” where they provide important [...]

Healthcare Marketing Update: How Infographics and Images Are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Data suggests that individuals don’t read content online so much as visualize it, and health visualizations can greatly improve health literacy and patient activation. Furthermore, infographics can do all this in seconds. A Forbes piece, “Seeing is Believing: Infographics Revolutionizing the Patient Experience,” details the many benefits of these visualizations. The following are some of [...]

Money Can’t Buy Everything: B2B Companies Increase Spending to Improve Customer Experiences, but ROI Still Lacking

A large number of B2B companies have recently begun to spend large sums on plans to improve customer experiences, but they may not be getting their money’s worth out of it. A BulldogReporter article, “B2B Companies are Spending More to Improve Their Customers’ Experience,” examines a study by Accenture suggesting 76 percent of these companies [...]

Healthcare Reform Update: Health Insurers Trying New Payment Models

There is an increasing shift by health insurers away from regular payment methods to healthcare providers and into new ideas for doctor and hospital reimbursement. A recent Blue Cross survey is reporting that 1 out of every 5 dollars being paid to providers is now given for care improvements and lowered costs. Reed Abelson of [...]

Three Technology Trends Changing the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is one of many fields being impacted by the digital revolution. Insurance firms have vast resources and other assets that can effectively help insurers connect with customers in this changing digital setting. Insurance & Technology’s article, "3 Tech Trends Set to Rock the Insurance Industry," provides an overview of three top trends [...]